Saturday, 15 December 2012

Vertical Panning

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I have been experimenting with panning during a long exposure. I visited the Watermead Country Park looking for a suitable group of trees. I set the camera on a tripod and used shutter priority. The shutter speed was 1/8th second. During the exposure I gently moved the camera vertically. It was a dull overcast day and of course the trees were not in leaf. As a result, there was not much colour in the images. I decided to convert them to black and white in Corel After Shot Pro.  I have edited two of the images so far.  Here is the other:

Tree Panning

I intend to try this again in a few months time when the trees are in leaf.  The results will be quite different.  Meanwhile here is another example of vertical panning with a long exposure.  This one was taken last December during a Photowalk organised by Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery.  It shows the Christmas illuminations on Gallowtree Gate.


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