Saturday, 17 December 2011

Tree 2011

Tree 2011
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During 2011, I photographed a tree each month.  The tree stands in a field just off Barkby Thorpe Road on the border between Leicester and Leicestershire.  This photo mosaic is a collation of the results.  The individual photographs can be viewed on Flickr.

I did not make any attempt to take every photograph from exactly the same spot and with the same focal length but I tried to match the images at least approximately.  Most of the photographs had to be taken at the weekend - especially the winter ones.  I did sometimes leave it a bit late and some of the photographs were only just taken in the month intended.  Still, I found it an interesting exercise and intend to repeat it in 2012.  I am considering using this scene:

Watermead Country Park, Leicestershire

It is in the Watermead Country Park and about ten minutes walk from my home which would make getting to it easy.  The tree and the vegetation will change a lot through the year and I like the fact that the scene includes water.  This photograph was taken on a cloudy and overcast day but different weather conditions will change the scene considerably.  I put the photograph on Flickr earlier today with the comment that I might use it as the subject of a photograph a month project.  I have been surprised and pleased by the encouragement that I have received to go ahead - and so I probably will!

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