Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New Template

I have changed the template for this blog today. The new template is cleaner and gives a better background for the photographs. It is also wider so that I have a bit more room to play with and there is less blanks space around the sides of the pages. I need to make a few more adjustments yet and will try to do those at the weekend.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spring Flowers

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After a long cold winter, the flowers of spring have bloomed in the last couple of weeks. The daffodils have been late this year but we have masses of them in our garden - some in the ground, some in hanging baskets and some in troughs. I bought this one indoors to photograph it against a sheet of blue card in the conservatory. I like the photograph above, but am less happy with this one:


I would have liked to capture more detail in the flower. I need more practice with my new lens.

I have also photographed some pansies. I took these photographs in situ - they are all in troughs hanging on the garden fence:




The new lens is not a macro lens and does not allow for a wide aperture so that true bokeh is difficult to achieve - but I quite like the pansy photographs. Incidentally all of the pansies were grown from seed. It is quite a long process. The seeds from which these flowers have grown were planted last summer.

Finally, I usually ignore the trite messages that some churches disfigure their grounds with but the Quakers know how to do this kind of thing. I was struck by this poster outside the Friends Meeting House in Manchester:


Good advice in a world in which so many people stubbornly hold firm opinions on matters about which they know nothing!