Monday, 27 December 2010

Calendar 2011

January 2011

In each of the last two years, I have made a series of calendar pages and posted them on Flickr. I have confined myself to photographs taken in Leicester and Leicestershire which is where I live. I decided to create some calendar pages again this year. This time I have used photographs taken anywhere during 2010. The photographs for each month in 2011 were taken in the corresponding month of 2010. I chose photographs that I thought would be most effective in the calendar templates - sometimes cropping them quite tightly.

July 2011

The calendar pages are produced using the Big Huge Labs website. The site allows photographs to be transferred from Flickr for use in the calendar. The calendar pages can then be transferred back to Flickr.

November 2011

You can see all of the calendar pages for 2011 here.

There is a county park near where I live called Watermead Country Park. This year I am going to try to take one photograph per month that I can use in a calendar for 2012. It will give me an excuse to get out more often and get some exercise and some fresh air - as well as take some photographs.

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