Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Reluctant Flickr Admin Escapes...

Lutterworth, Leicestershire
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I was surprised to receive an email from Flickr telling me that I was now the Group Administrator of a Flickr Group called Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. I was surprised because I had not applied for the position and had only ever posted one photograph to the group - the one shown above.

It turned out that the previous administrator had resigned without securing the succession. In these circumstances, the administrator role passes to the longest serving member of the group - me! I was willing to undertake the role but I know next to nothing about fire engines or fire services. I put a post on the group's message board explaining the situation and asking if anyone else wanted the job. I did not expect much response as the group has very few members.

However, two members offered to take on the role and they both seem much better qualified to do the job than I am. Thanks to Shaun and Danny - and good luck with growing the group.

You can visit the group at

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