Sunday, 28 March 2010

A New Lens

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I bought a Sony A100 body a couple of years ago. I have been using it with the two lenses that I had for my Minolta Dynax 404si which is a 35mm film camera. The lenses had the ranges of 28 - 80mm and 75 - 250mm. I mostly used the first one. I decided that it was time to get a new lens recently. I finally decided on a Tamron 18 - 250 mm lens.

Having such a wide range of focal lengths in one lens means putting up with some inevitable compromises. I felt that the convenience of having one lens that would suffice for most of my photography outweighs these. I have had the lens for three days now. So far, I have mostly been playing with the wide angle end of the lens as in the photograph above. With my previous lenses, I did not have the wide angle end of the spectrum covered at all. I take a lot of photographs of buildings and landscapes so this was a nuisance.

Here is another photograph that I could not have taken before:

Wysall, Nottinghamshire

This is going to be my general purpose "walk around" lens. As funds allow, I would like to add some prime lenses - probably starting with a 50mm and then moving on to a 105mm macro lens. First though, I have lots of fun to come experimenting with my new toy.


Verena said...


Just found your blog. Your pictures are wonderful. When I see them, I wanna live in England!

Stephen said...

Many thanks Verena. If you have not visited England, I hope that you can come here one day - even if you cannot live here.