Monday, 26 January 2009

Selcuk, Turkey

Selcuk, Turkey
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This photograph has just been viewed for the 100th time on Flickr.

It is the tomb of Saint John the Evangelist. When he was on the cross, Christ asked John to look after Mary. After Christ's death, John and Mary made their way to Ephesus. Mary lived in a house near Ephesus during her final years on earth. John died when he was about 100 years old and was buried at Selcuck which is near to Ephesus. A basilica was built over the tomb but destroyed in the fifteenth century leaving the ruins that we see today. The ruins have been partially restored so that it is possible to get some idea of how the building might have been before it's destruction.

I had to be patient to get a photograph of the tomb with no people in it. I have read reports of people actually getting into the baptismal pool in order to be photographed but did not witness such behaviour.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Snow Globes

Stonehenge, Wiltshire
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The March 2009 issue of Digital Photo magazine has an article about creating snow globe images. A template is supplied on the accompanying CD. I decided to give it a go. Basically you load the template into a photo editing programme and insert your photograph into the template. The photograph has to be moved around a bit to get the part of it that you want into the globe. You then adjust the number of snow flakes and the amount of snow in the bottom part of the globe.

My first attempt resulted in the Stonehenge image shown above. This photograph was taken on a hot, sunny, cloudless day in the middle of the summer. However I thought that the blue sky would be effective.

Birstall Lock, Leicestershire

For my second attempt, I thought that I would use a photograph with real snow in it. Unfortunately, I do not have many of these. There has not been much snow in Leicestershire (or anywhere else that I have been) in the last few years. Anyway, I located a snowy photograph of Birstall Lock after a fall of snow in my archives and decided to use that.

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Following on from yesterday's post, I found out today that there are plans to restart the manufacture of Polaroid film. According to a post yesterday at, a group called The Impossible Project have bought Polaroid's film making plant and intend to start making instant film for Polaroid cameras in 2010.

Save Polaroid have an interesting group on Flickr. Click here to go to it.

I may even think of getting a Polaroid camera myself now.

Saturday, 17 January 2009


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I have recently discovered a program called Poldaroid. It takes a photograph and processes it so that it looks as though it was taken with a Polaroid camera. The program mimics the operation of a Polaroid camera with the sound of the photograph being taken. A blank canvas is produced and gradually develops on the desktop as you watch. Poladroid reproduces the slightly odd colours of photographs taken on a Polaroid camera - they were never quite right. In a further step towards authenticity, the program only allows ten photographs to be processed in each session. A Polaroid cartridge has the capacity to process ten photographs.

The program is a free download from www.

The photograph above is an example of the output from the program. It was taken in the Boboli Gardens in Florence. There are more photographs that I have processed in Poladroid in my Poladroid set on Flickr which you can reach by clicking here. There is also a Poladroid group on Flickr which you can visit by clicking here.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Stonehenge, Wiltshire
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Yesterday I decided to look through the archives of my old photographs. I was looking for photographs that I could upload to Flickr. I came across some photographs of Stonehenge that I took in 2004. I edited and uploaded four of them. This one has turned out to be by far the most popular. As you can see, the weather was very good on the day that I took it. I remember waiting quite a long time to get a shot of the stones with no people in the way. I deliberately placed the stones in the lower half of the frame in order to make the best of the wonderful blue sky.

Saturday, 3 January 2009


This is an animated slideshow that I put together using photographs that I took in Brussels and the wonderful website. The music by Handel. It is played by Ivan Ilic and taken from the musopen website. This site makes classical music freely available to download. You can download a complete cycle of the Beethoven piano sonatas from the site completely free which must be one of the best bargains available on the web. There is a link to the Musopen site in the right hand column.