Monday, 21 December 2009

Colour Popping

Lollipop Tree by Ann Perch-Nielsen
Originally uploaded by stephenlamb

As I reported last month, I experimented with using Gimp to produce sketch like images from photographs. I have now attempted colour popping or spot colour as it is also known. This effect is created when a colour photograph is converted to black and white but a small part of it is left in colour. It takes more time than producing sketches but is fun to do. Lollipop Tree by Ann Perch-Nielsen (shown above) was my first succesful attempt. I have had an enlargement of this made. It is now being framed and will hang in our house - not sure where yet!


Above is another example of the use of this technique.

I have made a set on Flickr of the results of my experiments with Gimp. It is at

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