Sunday, 8 November 2009

Swithland, Leicestershire

Swithland, Leicestershire
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I went for a walk in Swithland Woods on Saturday afternoon but did not feel in the mood to take any photographs even though it was a nice afternoon. I wondered around some of the quieter parts of the woods and encountered only a few people. I drove into the village of Swithland afterwards and took this photograph of a round tower.

Swithland, Leicestershire

I then took some rather unsuccessful photographs of the nearby church. The sun was in the wrong place in relation to the building - a morning visit might be more productive. After leaving the village, I drove along the road which crosses Swithland resevoir.

Great Central Railway, Leicestershire

A steam train from the Great Central Railway was crossing the bridge over the road - another photographic opportunity which did not work out very well! I have cropped the photograph quite heavily to put it into something like a panorama format and get rid of a lot of extraneous detail.

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