Saturday, 18 July 2009


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I have just discovered a site called Photofunia. The site has some 100 templates into which you can insert your own photographs to produce various effects - some of them silly and some of them fun. The first result that I achieved with it is shown above. I have inserted five photographs that i took in Leicester into a template showing a view of an art gallery.

From left to right my photographs show:
The Haymarket Clock
The Curve Theatre
A milepost in Watermead Park on the National Cycle Network
The National Space Centre
The statue of Ghandi on Belgrave Road.


This is another Photofunia image - using a wall template with a picture of the bridge over the River Soar in Abbey Park, Leicester.

It is worth having a go with Photofunia. New templates are added fairly frequently and so there is always something new to try. There is a link to the site on the right hand side of this page.

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Anonymous said...

It looks really cool and I like photofunia. Yesterday I found one more site where we can edit our pictures: it has more than 100 funny photo templates. It is free and very easy to use...