Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hatton, Warwickshire

Hatton, Warwickshire
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I am on leave from work this week. I normally work in Warwickshire and planned to spend a day of my leave as a tourist there. I wanted to visit Hatton Locks, Baddesley Clinton and Packwood House. Unfortunately I did not do my research! A long stretch of the towpath alongside Hatton Locks was closed for repair work. Baddesley Clinton and Packwood House do not open on a Tuesday. In addition the weather was against me. Although it was one of the hottest days of the year so far, it was not sunny. It was muggy and cloudy all day with some rain showers. The result is that I came back with a lot of relatively dull looking photographs - I will just have to do the trip again one day!

This photograph shows steps leading up to one of the locks which form part of the Hatton Locks staircase.

Postscript - On the next day I discovered that all of my photographs had been taken with a circular polarising filter attached to the lens. I had not noticed it was there. That will have made a dull day appear even duller!

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