Monday, 26 January 2009

Selcuk, Turkey

Selcuk, Turkey
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This photograph has just been viewed for the 100th time on Flickr.

It is the tomb of Saint John the Evangelist. When he was on the cross, Christ asked John to look after Mary. After Christ's death, John and Mary made their way to Ephesus. Mary lived in a house near Ephesus during her final years on earth. John died when he was about 100 years old and was buried at Selcuck which is near to Ephesus. A basilica was built over the tomb but destroyed in the fifteenth century leaving the ruins that we see today. The ruins have been partially restored so that it is possible to get some idea of how the building might have been before it's destruction.

I had to be patient to get a photograph of the tomb with no people in it. I have read reports of people actually getting into the baptismal pool in order to be photographed but did not witness such behaviour.

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