Saturday, 27 December 2008

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
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This is the 365th of my photographs for Project 365. To complete this project, you need to take a photograph every day for a year. I decided to show myself in my den - and then had the idea of taking it a bit further by showing myself looking at a photograph of myself on the computer monitor. As you can see, I did not bother to tidy up before taking the photograph - although it is tidier than it often is. With a bit more time and care, this set up could produce a much better photograph but I did not have time to do that today.

This is not quite the end of Project 365 for me. This has been a leap year and so I intend to take another photograph tomorrow in order to complete the project fully. I started on December 29th 2007 and so will finish on December 28th 2008 with my 366th photograph.

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