Monday, 1 December 2008

Project 365 - November 2008

Project 365 - November 2008
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This is a mosaic of my Project 365 photographs for November 2008. The laptop screen; the narcissus bowl; the orange and the clock signal my occasional desperation to find a subject as the hours of daylight decrease. There are signs of the seasons though in the pumpkin for Halloween and the Christmas lights. I missed out on fireworks for Guy Fawkes night though. The photographs that I like best are the cyclamen and the swan. Just one more month to go now!

If you are considering undertaking Project 365, Jason Webber has posted some excellent advice on his blog at:

I wish I had read this before I started! Jason's tips are very pragmatic and will help anyone to complete the task of taking one photograph a day for a year.

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