Sunday, 28 December 2008

Project 365 Finished!

Watermead Country Park, Leicester
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I completed Project 365 today. Actually I took photographs for 366 days since 2008 was a leap year.

I decided to start and end in the same place. This photograph was taken in Watermead Country Park, Leicester. One of the entrances to the park is a few minutes walk from our house. I took a photograph of this sculpture of a mammoth on December 29th 2007. The one shown here was taken on December 28th 2008.

Why is there a sculpture of a mammoth here? The remains of mammoths have been found in the area. The sculpture is called "Silent Witness" and is by Daniel Jones. There is a plaque nearby which reads:

"The remains of woolly mammoth have been found on this site. The lie of the land has changed but little else has. At least 10,000 years have elapsed since the last herd of mammoths passed this way. Using your imagination, cast your mind back in time and gaze over the lakes....mammoths are still here - are'nt they?"

It has been a good experience to have to take a photograph every day for a year - but I am glad that the burden has now been lifted. The project has made me think more about photography and in particular how to find the photographic potential of unpromising situations. I am thinking especially of times in the winter when the days were short and I had not been able to take a photograph during the day - usually because of the need to work! Some of the photographs that I took in these situations are not good. I would not have taken them - still less put them on Flickr - if it were not for the need to satisfy the requirements of Project 365.

Since I was trying to complete Project 365, I took a camera with me virtually everywhere and at all times. This meant that I was able to take photographs that I would otherwise have missed. Having a camera with me is a habit that Project 365 has helped me to get into and which I hope is now well enough engrained that I will continue with it.

Some people continue with Project 365 after completing the first year. I will not be one of them. I want to move on to other challenges. However I think I might do it again in a few years time. It will be interesting to compare the set of photographs that I have just completed with the ones that I take then.

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