Saturday, 6 December 2008


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I took advantage of a sunny day to take my camera to Watermead Country Park again. I used my 75 - 300 mm zoom. As I have written previously, this is a full frame lens and so on my Sony A100, it is effectively 450 mm at the long end. I mostly used it at the long end too. Attempts to photograph birds in flight all failed but I was pleased with some close ups that I was able to take. This goose posed very nicely for me!

Watermead County Park is the stretch of the valley of the River Soar which runs between Birstall and Thurmaston and has it's southern portion in Leicester. The park was made after a programme of gravel extraction had come to an end. The gravel pits have been made into lakes. Many of these are left to the wildlife but some are used for water sports such as wind surfing and water skiing. The area often floods making it useless for building development. I am fortunate to live less than five minutes walk away from one of the entrances to the park.

I saw some grebe on the water today. I would like to get some photographs of them but they were too far away from the shore. It was fascinating watching them dive below the surface and then come up quite along way away from where they had dived. I am hoping to find one close enough to the shore for me to photograph soon.

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