Sunday, 2 November 2008

Brabo Fountain, Antwerp, Belgium

Brabo Fountain, Antwerp
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This photograph has been included in the recently revised Schmap guide to Antwerp. I must confess that I had never heard of Schmap until they contacted me to ask if they could use my photograph. I have now had a good look at their site and am very impressed. They produce free guides to various places around the world which can be viewed either on a computer or on various mobile phones - including the iPhone. Most of the guides cover North America and Europe which I guess reflects where most of their contributors are. I am going to Brussels next month and will try out the Schmap Guide to Brussels while I am there.

The photograph depicts a fountain in the Grote Markt. Brabo was a sailor who fought a giant who was stopping every ship and demanding money from the crews before allowing them to continue on their journey. Brabo defeated the giant and cut off his hand. The statue shows Brabo throwing the giant's hand into the water.

The name of the city of Antwerp comes from "Hand Werpen" meaning "throwing a hand."

This information came from the Schmap Guide to Antwerp - I said they were good! You can visit Schmap at - follow the link on the right.

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