Sunday, 12 October 2008


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I took this photograph of the Highcross Centre in Leicester this morning. While I was taking photographs, I was approached by a security guard who informed me that it was illegal to take photographs of the Highcross Centre. When I said that I was mostly taking photographs from a public road, she said that that did not matter. Taking photographs of the Highcross Centre was illegal no matter where they were taken from. She did say that the management of the Centre might give me permission to take photographs if I asked them. I did not argue with her as she was polite and was presumably only following orders.

It does seem that some property owners are getting a bit above themselves if they are claiming that it is illegal to take a photograph of a building from a public place. They may be justified in preventing people from taking photographs from within their building but I cannot see how they can claim jurisdiction over what people photograph from a public place.

This is one of the photographs that the security guard said that I should not take. It was taken from Freeschool Lane and shows the roof of the part of the Highcross Centre that includes the cinema.

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