Saturday, 30 August 2008


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I decided to try something different today. Browsing through some old Digital Photo magazines, I came across an article which described taking photographs of an ice cube dropping into a glass of liquid. I decided to give it a go. I set up in the bathroom since this was clearly going to be messy. The backdrop is a piece of black card. The glass was filled with a red berry cordial - I did not want to waste any wine. The camera was on a tripod. The bathroom is quite small and I could not get the camera as far away from the glass as I would have liked. I used the on camera flash since this is the only flash that I have.

I started dropping the ice cube into the glass and trying to press the shutter as the cube hit the liquid. Getting the timing right was a bit hit and miss. I took about forty shots. None of them really turned out how I would have liked. I hoped to get a shot in which the ice cube would be visible but this did not happen. I do not like the reflection of the flash - and the background is no longer black. I will have another go at this sometime and try to put these things right.

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