Monday, 25 August 2008

Project 365

Watermead Country Park, Leicester
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I was going to start Project 365 on January 1st 2008 but I took a few photographs on December 29th 2007 and so I thought I might as well start then. In case you do not know, the idea is to take a photograph every day for a year and to post it on Flickr in the Project 365 group. I have managed to take a photograph every day since I started so far. Sometimes I have had to resort to desperate measures - especially on wet days and on days when night falls early. I will share some of these photographs with you on another occasion. Look out for photographs of a lamp standard in a hotel; a teddy bear and an empty vase....

I am on day 240 now - although I have not taken today's photograph yet. The most difficult time is to come - I think it will sometimes be hard to fit in taking a photograph with the demands of work during the cold dark days of November and December.

The photograph above is the first of my Project 365 images. The mammoth is in the Watermead Country Park, Leicester. One of the entrances to the park is less than five minutes walk from my home. The mammoth was placed on a hill overlooking one of the lakes in commemoration of the fact that the remains of mammoths have been found in the area. I am planning to take my last photograph of Project 365 in the same place.

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